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JSP and a detailed analysis BEAN

JSP has a lot to learn, here we introduce the JSP, and BEAN, including the introduction Servlet used to write the business layer is very strong and so on.

Simply put, SUN first developed Servlet, more robust functionality, system design is also very advanced, but, it outputs HTML statement or CGI use the old way, is a one output, therefore, is very inconvenient to write and modify HTML. SUN ASP was introduced similar to the mosaic type of JSP, the JSP TAG statement embedded into HTML, so that would greatly simplify and facilitate the web design and modification.

New network languages such as ASP, PHP, JSP are Inlaid SCRIPT language

Three layers from the network point of view, a network project for at least three layers: data layer, business layer, presentation layer. Of course, can also be more complex. Servlet used to write the business layer is very powerful, but very convenient for the written presentation layer. JSP is written primarily for the convenience of presentation layer is designed. Of course, you can write business layer. Was used to ASP, PHP, CGI friends, often unconsciously, the presentation layer and business layer mixed. Like that in front of friends, to process information into the JSP in the database, in fact, it should be placed in the business layer.

According to SUN own recommendation, JSP that should be kept with the presentation layer only related to the East, that is, only put part of the output HTML page. And all the data calculation, data analysis, database connection handling, all belong to business layer, should be placed in JAVA BEANS. Called by JSP JAVA BEANS, to achieve the integration of two.

In fact, Microsoft recently introduced DNA technology, simply, is that ASP + COM / DCOM technology. And JSP and BEANS completely similar to the presentation layer of all completed by the ASP, all the business layer from the COM / DCOM completed. By calling, to achieve integration.

Why should we use these components technology? As simple ASP / JSP language is very inefficient implementation, if there is a large number of user clicks, pure SCRIPT language quickly reached the limit of his capabilities, and component technology can significantly improve the function of the ceiling, accelerate the pace of implementation.

On the other hand, pure SCRIPT language presentation layer and business layer will be mixed, resulting in changes inconvenient, and the code can not be reused. If you want to change a place, often involving dozens of pages CODE, with component technology will only change components on it.

In summary, Servlet is an early imperfect product, writing a good business layer, presentation layer was very foul, and two mixed.

Therefore, the introduction of JSP and BAEN, written with JSP presentation layer, using BAEN written business layer. SUN is the meaning of their own future alternative use JSP Servlet.

However, this is not to say, learned the Servlet useless, in fact, you should from the Servlet entry, then the JSP, then the JSP and BEAN.

Stress: Studies of the JSP, and will not integrate with JAVA BEAN, virtually no school. We spend more effort on the JSP and BEAN.

Add a few:

We can see that when the ASP + COM, and JSP and BEAN are using component technology, all of the components are compiled first, and the presence of memory, and rapid implementation. Therefore, we always blow the Servlet / JSP first compiled in memory, speed of implementation, there is no advantage.

Conversely, ASP + COM + IIS + NT tightly integrated and should have a greater speed advantage showed. Moreover, ASP + COM + IIS + NT development efficiency is very high, although many BUG. So why use JSP and BEAN? Because JAVA is promising. Microsoft spin-off, the operating system will be independent warlords, the application software developers will find a common development language for development, JAVA domination time comes. If Microsoft is successful spin-off, separate the applications from the company will become the new leader in JAVA. The bulk of the current JAVA SUN and IBM are stagnant, disappointing. Hope that the new company will inject new life. However, the new company is likely to start the old SUN JAVA standards war, the two sides to develop their own standards, influence boast JAVA platform.

In addition, the machine is now faster and faster, JAVA speed disadvantage can be overcome soon.

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PowerBuilder objects modified descendants

10.3 descendants of the object changes
Inherit the window is not our purpose ancestors. The purpose of using the inheritance feature is more similar to some common characteristics of the object defined in the ancestor of the object which then passed to future generations inherit the ancestor object access to these common characteristics of the object, after the completion of the work of succession, there is another important task is through modify these objects so that they were descendants of its own unique features to complete the task of future generations of the object itself.

Let's look at an example to illustrate how to implement such changes. First, open a window offspring. Now the window and the window is exactly the same ancestors. Figure 10-6.

Figure 10-6

Ancestors of the window function is to display the database among all the sports stars of the information, we want to modify future generations window, so that the data show only football star.

Select the static text object, right-click on it, pop-up menu, select PROPERTIES command, to modify the content of TEXT column as a "football star." We do not want to delete the button. Figure 10-7.

Figure 10-7

If you want to modify the properties have been ancestors of the window to reset the contents of the menu as long as the choice among the RESET PROPERTIES ED99v reset the Properties command on it. In the data window object we can modify the data window below the script, so that it has new features.

Figure 10-8

In the data window above the right-click, pop-up menu, choose the SCRIPT command, open the script work area, we have seen, when the content of the work area is empty. Figure 10-8.

Figure 10-9

Click SELECT EVENT event selection list box, select the events need to write the script. You can see a list of all events, a small icon on the left is the ancestor event script object which already exists. Figure 10-9.

Select CLICKED click event.

Figure 10-10

At this time, the work area which is still empty, if you want to show the ancestors of the script, you can select the DESIGN menu DISPLAY ANCESTOR SCRIPT show ancestor script command, which could pop up a dialog box, which shows the ancestors of the script, get some tips. Figure 10-10.

Close this dialog box. Scripts and future generations deal with the relationship between the ancestors of the script in two ways, one is overloaded ancestor script, that is to rewrite a script, so replace the ancestors of the corresponding script. For example, here we enter a script:







dw_1.Modify ("name.Width = 390")

dw_1.Modify ("age.Width = 140")

dw_1.Modify ("club.Width = 400")

dw_1.Modify ("nation.Width = 260")

dw_1.SetTransObject (SQLCA)

dw_1.RETRIEVE ()

DESIGN window and then choose among the ancestors of the script override OVERRIDE ANCESTOR SCRIPT command on it.

Another is the expansion of ancestral script, which means an increase in the ancestor script based on a script, so that the program is running, the first call to the ancestors of the script, and then the increase in the implementation of our script. If you want to use this approach, you need written script in the following menu choices DESIGN EXTEND ANCESTOR SCRIPT among the ancestors of the script command extension.

Among the POWER BUILDER, can have multi-level inheritance, that is a descendant of an object can have his father, grandfather, or a higher level ancestors. Objects in the script for future generations, we can call any ancestor object which has been written script. For example, call the parent object among CLICKED click event write the script, you can enter the following code like this.

CALL SUPER:: Clicked

Note that this time must be specified SUPER words. The call to a higher level when the ancestors of the script object must be marked ancestor's name, like this:

W_ANCESTOR:: Clicked

We can also call for the ancestors of future generations of objects which included a control object or the object of the event script, for example, the meaning of this script is called the ancestor of the object of a function:

W_ANCESTOR:: Fuction

Understand the content, you master the basic features of the POWER BUILDER inheritance.

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Lucent and Alcatel merger talks

IDG news exclusively for newspaper companies telecommunications equipment maker Lucent and Alcatel said in a brief statement recently said, as more and more harsh competitive environment, the two companies are exploring the possibility of merger.

Statement wrote: "We can confirm that Lucent and Alcatel are discussing the possibility of the merger on the other, the merger plan according to the market determine the price." The statement also mentioned that does not necessarily guarantee that the two companies reached an agreement.

The statement said: "In the agreement or termination of the discussion, we will not comment further."

If the merger of Alcatel and Lucent, will contribute to the defeat Huawei, ZTE and other competitors. Gartner analyst, said Bertrand Bidaud, Huawei, ZTE and other device manufacturers are looking for from some of the old telecom equipment manufacturer to win market share. He said: "These companies are where the market is not growing, more competitive."

Bidaud said that Lucent and Alcatel merger is significant because the two sides of the customer base there is not much overlap. Moreover, Lucent is very strong in North America, Alcatel in Europe, Asia and other regions more competitive advantage. He said: "In this regard, the two companies merged in the strategic fit."

Current Analysis analyst John Marcus said in the past two or three years, Lucent has been trying to win more business in Europe, "but Lucent, Alcatel and Siemens have been unable to open the gap site."

Marcus said the merger of Alcatel and Lucent might also produce a strong services business, which was the focus of the two companies recently. Lucent in Europe, 30% of revenue comes from professional and managed services available. Alcatel's services business revenue was slightly higher, and its services to focus on IP network transformation, which is Lucent's maintenance and support services play a very useful role.

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Women want to become famous, you have to install rogue?

A woman (which should include not only women, but women are more sensitive and vulnerable to attack objects), to become famous before she could not find beyond the export, but also eagerly looking forward to become the focus of all the spectators, the best fame, can be done?

Get a reverie on the Internet the names of people to touching, ambiguous as the keynote, some of the best Gaode savage (now popular with masochistic abuse), some nonsensical, short for the eye-catching, multi-level multi-nausea is not no important; Then, in the famous Forum (Popularity must be busy, regulars must be complicated, especially for boring people, voyeur, preferences, most of whom follow the trend of age and must not have the required quality, while maintaining the attitude towards the two Huitie principles, or else become a character can not see installed, or else everything possible to throw a bunch of flirtatious tender.

Of course, your article title must be sufficiently "shock the world" not to be stunning not give up. Women naturally have an advantage, such as loading lady (this can be abandoned, it is difficult to produce in the short term effect), loaded paragons (see who is scolded, scolded like a man now, but pay attention to degree of confidence), loaded Yu F (depressed is to arouse sympathy for an aphrodisiac), loaded talented woman (with some difficulty, easy to be told what plagiarism), loaded immature girl (a high tone on the words to be sought for imitation of practice, or will be seen through is injured).

The third option, it is the most direct, most succinct, most efficient and most suitable for modern mentality, and that is installed rogue. In shaping the "rogue" image of the process, delivered eye-catching title must be fatal, if not yet issued a minute first response people, it Jiantao your low-level index. Topic can be as follows: 4-year-old colored man started raping women, women's satyr constitution of the association, one-night stand is not entirely manual, seduce a man vomiting blood ten rules, and so on, Zhi Jiaoren vomiting for the purpose. Stephen said, and shook and shook, get used to. Sure enough, the spectators have to accept 鍚愬畬 one by one, and finally been little appreciated by the men they hoped to accomplish a "controversial" women. During this period, natural mixed up a Lian Shu, get on the sofa, is known as the "famous."

But after all, only in a network community, then known, also is not enough to affect the surface. How do? Either substance from the non-rogue. If you really ready to risk everything, then it was in the public good before Streaking (endurance, who would not imitate the non-general). If you dare to upload their nude photos Who can open the page, no matter who you are, what age, what looks are definitely high-profile, and has since hits crazy high, a message overflowing, and even trigger war of words, even rapid spread of both your own unexpected (in fact, should have expected, just not prepared to put in place)!

This is most definitely a woman overnight --- the path easy and quick, obviously. If you travel for tourism site as "rogue", remove the heart of the piece of moral bottom line, rapid fame simply for granted, not all tasks are more demanding, but also save time (only takes a few seconds to undress). Let it be notorious or sweet-smelling name, a word that was famous. Finally someone who see their own personal blog on the lackluster writing, and really break through 100 daily message volume has. Finally become the focus, not that you think so?

Next is how to deal with negative implications. Really, to improve "visibility" to make some irrational things, can understand. Fame of this great temptation to put in front of who will be narcissistic about it, let alone think of crazy women want to be famous? Need to free a piece of advice (be advised), has become famous in your naked after the 10 million to keep a low profile, be sure to play the fool, do not reveal your true thoughts, do not overestimate the intelligence of those who watch the fun. The most stupid way, in others scolded also righteous, and claims Unyielding, and even absurd to defend women's rights to itself (purely superfluous, Cidewuyin!) Jieduan do to ourselves, the more we want to cover, the more is revealed. Because whether you believe do not believe, I have mixed debate Ye Hao, crazy name calling Ye Hao, reason is merely another step in his tail.

Sound: From Muzi Mei, rogue Yan to Sister Furong, the network created a hubbub, and always dare these women out of a stroke. To see them, ask ourselves whether we the what kind of name?


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ICANN set up a new working group to speed up the process of international domain names

November 3, according to foreign reports, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) on Friday (November 2) to speed up other languages formed a working group address assignment. ICANN, this decision was approved in early next year towards the goal of international domain step.

This working group will focus on specific countries, the domain name "fast track" mechanism, such as the equivalent of the Chinese domain name ". Cn" suffix of the Chinese characters.

ICANN Chairman Vint Cerf to participate in as the last meeting that the introduction of internationalized domain name is absolutely the most important changes in the field of history. This matter with a number of years to reach a consensus and believe that we understand how to do that.

Last month, ICANN began testing on this domain name suffix. However, policy research or preliminary. The organization needs to address the issue of how to allocate this domain name, and resolve any conflicts and complaints. For example, China's ". Cn" Web site operators should be automatically authorized for the Chinese version of the ". Com"? If China Taiwan region ". Tw" or a private company competing institutions such as the right to request should be handled?

These problems may take years to resolve. Therefore, ICANN is considering a country-specific domain name may be applicable to interim measures. The Working Group's mandate is to study how to develop this procedure. The Working Group also in New Delhi in February next year, meeting in a timely manner to provide a status report to the ICANN.

Currently, ICANN recognized under the International Standards Organization list of national and regional distribution of the English domain. ICANN for other languages to find a corresponding list or other procedures, this working group should also solve the problem of many official Yu Yan's country domains how to deal with the problem.

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Strawberry Splendor

Some people use the "Autumn Red Apple" to describe the ERP in 2001 after the domestic market, this is in another way too optimistic in comparison. More ERP perpetrators also agree that: "ERP has been hot over the cold is not better."

For the last few years, many enterprises in Shenyang, this evaluation will be filled with emotion. Shenyang, Liaoning province and the national industrialization and informatization of the earliest cities, as early as the late 70s in the 20th century, Shenyang Blower Works has become China's first application of information technology companies, then Shenyang No. 1 Machine Tool Plant was also followed. However, this time a large information technology and traditional manufacturing industries is the result of the collision: while producing a number of stacked in a warehouse of old computer junk, and the gradual awakening of China's first batch of information to, obviously the latter is essential .

Compared with the two pioneers, Shenyang Hongmei attitude towards ERP be much more cautious approach to a steady walk. Despite the cautious attitude of Plum commendable, but not enough: Hongmei Group as business development and its experience in enterprise information accumulated, the original software has been unable to meet their growing business needs. Plum, a minister with the words: "We are in the use of sector-level software, to do the management of enterprise-class." Together with the software application in many problems can be resolved in time to force gradually in the course of information technology to mature Plum began a new choice.

At this point, Shenyang Hongmei has developed into a total assets of 500 million yuan, fixed assets of 350 million yuan of the large state-owned enterprises, the number of employees 2600 people a day, wholesale and retail produce the documents alone, there were as many as 1,000, ERP systems speed and accuracy is the implementation of the more critical issue. After several contrast, Kingdee has finally entered the branch in Shenyang Hongmei Group's line of sight, it sent a senior adviser aptitude for the implementation of the project bid.

As Kingdee K/3ERP system uses three-tiered structure, speed and accuracy of its absolute advantage, but to make a group enterprise applications over the years is no easy task after the replacement software system. We know: ERP system implementation is actually thinking of implementing software management, need to manage content according to their business process transformation of enterprises, the revamped company has adapted the original system, if the conversion costs as companies need to focus on another important problem. Plum known as MSG as manufacturing, sales, special enterprises, wholesale and retail many documents, ERP system, processing speed and accuracy determine Plum must be replaced more advanced ERP software.

Plum asked Jindie K/3ERP to the original supplier's format V8.XXA run in parallel for some time to compare the performance of both systems and speed, and raise Shenyang Kingdee sent officers to the staff with K/3ERP and Plum synchronization operations a month. Plum MSG sold well, imagine how much business a month!

The project manager aptitude, the scene was also a lingering fear thought: "As time is tight, the first of our business and internal processes Hongmei not know much about, at the end of reconciliation with their business, they found very different, the total time to The last, but the detail data from door to door.

Hongmei people have mentioned this matter, the running speed of the K/3ERP greatly appreciated: "K/3ERP V8.XXA much faster than the speed, but the result of processing the two systems differ greatly, we begin to K / 3ERP doubt. "

In this case, if not solved in time, Shenyang Kingdee to several employees not only to white dry month, had to go home.

"It's really painful, both to the critical juncture. But we do not give up, check them with a few night that month's data, and finally find out why. Later, aptitude, exclaimed:" It is by means this, I deeply understand: only the customer's problem as our own problems to deal with, the customer can really trust us.

Strawberry had been moved, they said: "We do not believe there is no reason Kingdee the. Has this spirit people to work, afraid to use bad Kingdee software?" Kingdee people for their professional spirit and people together to overcome Plum difficulties during the system conversion, and came together tightly.
Implementation launched

Although the cooperation with Plum, Kingdee finally taken the first step in the difficult and victory, but in the process of implementation of the system but encountered some new problems.

Recalled the scene at the time, aptitude, wry smile: "The switch was mainly due to multi-year, multi-branch offices, business volume, required progress faster. This gives us the pressure we put forward the needs of customers for a period of ten weeks of implementation work do not understand, and also to the implementation of a fee does not understand. "

As we all know, the information currently in the process manufacturing industries, the widespread implementation of the depth of a problem: Most of the software, whether domestic or foreign distribution and financial systems remain at the application level, very difficult to go deep into production management system. To ensure the interests of some domestic and foreign firms in the event production management system will either beat about the bush, mentioning the implementation; or shorten the implementation cycle, reduce the implementation of standards, and deliberately exaggerating the low level of customer management is to evade the problem of inadequate implementation capacity.

The reason why the current production management system can not be universal in the manufacturing industry, promotion and application of generally summed up in the following reasons: First, restrictions on the software functional by itself, the production management system itself is the function of the ERP system in the most complex system, the system flexibility and maturity have higher requirements. Although foreign software functions slightly better, but because of its either too complicated, too difficult to apply, or can not meet China's current level of management, too standard, specification, if the status quo regardless of the actual implementation of advanced, certainly out of line with the actual business result, and even catastrophic consequences. The second reason is to implement. ERP application is the use of information technology on the core business of reconstruction, as it was by no means a simple software installation process, therefore, fail due to improper implementation of the case everywhere, especially high-end foreign ERP software. Many software vendors now also other system can not guarantee the implementation of force, or its agents difficult to control the implementation of quality, therefore, production management systems are a its nondescript to cross minefields, particularly worries about the production management system failure on the system effects. For enterprises, the final achievement is a semi-semi-manual hybrid information system.

The complexity of manufacturing systems implementation, Plum began to understand not, they said: "We never thought the implementation process requires so many steps, because of past application of the system is limited to a few sectors, once the upgrade to the enterprise group level experience and estimates are inadequate, problems will come out. But through Kingdee science 'cheat' six-step implementation of the law, we promptly correct errors and ensure the smooth operation of the system. "

Experts believe that: the implementation of ERP in China can not avoid the situation unique to China.鍦?ERP development process, with the ever-changing competitive environment, companies also will own the management of expanding radius from the development of the closed-loop MRP MRP and then to MRP / ERP. ERP resulting from the planned development of the core is also a plan, just need to plan the resources from the initial simple materials have been developed to cover all the resources companies. But clear is that in practical applications is not due to the latter is an 鎶?湳 backward substitution, which should see them as different enterprises in different development at the level of applications. Example, some production, management is relatively simple businesses do not have to implement the standard MRP 鈪?/ ERP program, so MRP 鈪?/ ERP application not only has the characteristics of the times, the same time, should have applied the object of development characteristics, in all enterprises have adopted the same level system is clearly inappropriate.

Kingdee K/3ERP fully considered in the functional design of this Application, users can choose a different path to its own characteristics preparation of master production scheduling, material requirements planning and capacity requirements planning. Management module in the workshop also provides flexibility to adapt to supporting leading materials management, process management, production tracking and detail the progress of management in the product features. Because of the manufacturing module K/3ERP system integrates both aspects of the characteristics of flexibility and make its application first to overcome the limitations of software architecture itself, while taking into account the flexibility of the implementation to ensure the success of the project Hongmei Group ERP running.

Implementation Notes: ERP implementation needs of the scientific method

As Strawberry Project Leader, aptitude, that the implementation of the scientific method is the key to ensuring the success of the project, I had the honor to Kingdee recorded ten senior adviser to Mr. Chen and experience to share with you:

Update management concepts

If the system implementation process is not combined with process optimization, not Plum senior leadership support and attention, simply as a set of software use will not be successful. Through the implementation of ERP projects, Hongmei Group on the work of the various functional departments of a scientific orientation.

Clear needs analysis

Enterprise is not necessarily their own well aware of the problems and needs, they also need consultants to provide valuable reference for recommendations. Hongmei Group, based on initial research guidance and help to help it from many of the problems attributed the problems to be solved as the event-driven, enabling the implementation of more targeted. Should be noted that the needs of users of fixed value is not static, but dynamic. Patience to listen to grassroots operators doubts, difficulties and requirements, the establishment of mutual trust and cooperation, the project is only likely to succeed.

Develop implementation plan

To ensure the success of ERP implementation, good implementation of the program is very important. The project implementation plan to combine development and systems Plum step by step to determine the whole, there are four aspects: implementation of the early tasks, the implementation of goal planning, implementation management, and post-implementation management.

Preparation of basic data

In the ERP implementation process, based on preliminary data preparation is the key to ensure the system is running correctly. Hongmei Group, all data can be broadly divided into relatively static data and dynamic data, for the management of the computer to input data for each of the classification and coding. Plum coding system combined with the industry and taking into account the characteristics and practical to formulate the future development.

Training in the implementation process

Training more than just a simple system operation training, implementation of the project from the beginning to the late Plum, are run through the appropriate training, and phased implementation, content, sub-officers, sub-levels of management to separate the systematic training. The purpose of the training staff to improve the Plum fundamental understanding of the implementation of ERP, raising the enthusiasm and active participation in full consciousness. In the training mode, the Kingdee break the traditional start to finish is a crowd to hear people speaking patterns, and promote interactive and innovative experiential training. Another training objective to be achieved is to make Plum's employees to run the system with their jobs and the actual business process integration initiative.

Business rules and regulations update

While the implementation of ERP systems Plum done on the previous corresponding adjustment of the software and modified so that it can play a role in promoting the implementation of the project. Apart from computer technicians to maintain the hardware network facilities, the various departments of the operator of the data to date is particularly important.

Business Process Optimization

Use of ERP implementation, Hongmei Group through use of the software and then a consultant with Kingdee cooperation, combined with management problems enterprises have started with the basic aspects in the following improvements:

Strategic management. Strawberry through the implementation of ERP system implementation of real-time information and data, sharing and accuracy. ERP system by the senior management for the enterprise and provide valuable data and decision analysis based on the enterprise leading work from the previous transaction freed in sufficient time to consider the strategic management and decision-making.

Cost management. The essence of modern business enterprise competition throughout the supply chain and cost competition, the key to cost management. Plum combined ERP implementation and cost management were the three measures, namely: the cost of money rely on the system check, the fixed cost of production by the control, management costs by democratic supervision.

Capital management. Highlighting the financial sector through the implementation of the core ERP functions to achieve limited internal friction, reduce procurement costs and reduce inventory, transfer of funds to make more rational business. For the sales part of the implementation of ERP system implementation through the unified management of customer and credit assessment, to strengthen the monitoring can greatly reduce receivables outstanding.

Marketing management. Sales are driving the entire supply chain leading, quality management and then re-advanced products, but sales do not increase equally useless. Strawberry through the implementation of ERP to help set up formal marketing concepts and management systems, highlighting the subject and build a marketing network marketing, ERP system, the correct information for Plum marketing planning and activities provide a basis.

Correct understanding and application of ERP

Practice shows that such a large-scale ERP information system is impossible to be implemented through custom development, custom development and commercialization of ERP ERP is essentially different, the commercialization of ERP integration of their development against the background of advanced management thought developed. Therefore, the choice of a good software company as a strategic partner is particularly important.

Service costs for ERP implementation

Please consultant to assist in the implementation of an effective approach; good consultant can provide the right knowledge and experience detours to avoid the ERP implementation project. "Three software, seven implementation", ERP success or failure lies in the implementation of successful experience at home and abroad, ERP implementation costs, the overall cost of 30% -70% of the cost is reasonable.

On ERP implementation and application of a persistent awareness and preparation

In addition to network maintenance business has its own technical personnel, but also should pay attention to develop their own ERP experts. Especially for large-scale enterprise group, the implementation of applications by local train their own implementation of the consultant, on the next point to an area of promotion can play a multiplier effect, can greatly reduce implementation costs and shorten the implementation cycle.

Reporter's notes: Whether your business is preparing to try to ERP, or have already implemented the ERP system, I believe the experience in the Plum project still will inspire you to. Project-related personnel in the interview process, my mind is always haunted by a fantasy: in a golden mist, dimly seen a butterfly casual complacency of Montreal, Mr. Shan Shan of soot, said: "I actually not a panacea, but it better than others to some of everything! "


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TOM Online had this to find someone to marry

March 2007, TOM Online delisting from Nasdaq after the Hong Kong and then began a large-scale layoffs, and decided to forgo. TOM as Li Ka-shing of Hong Kong businessmen investing in mainland Internet companies to make money initially by SP, SP is now affected by the policy, recession, so many people will forgo layoffs TOM purpose attributed to layoffs through the SP through the winter period. But I believe that TOM Online to delisting from the market, from the delisting to the layoffs, not the SP this causes depression, but the company's management, investment and other aspects because the end result.

TOM Online Success or failure is also the capital of capital

TOM talking about, we first look at the global success of the birth and development of Internet companies. Google is the first two scientists to solve a huge amount of information the Internet, and developed a search technology to find a profit model, after the final grow and eventually become a counterbalance to Microsoft's Internet companies.

Look at China's Baidu, NetEase, Tencent. Robin Li Baidu because of the outstanding leaders and a good profit model; Netease's success because of the Ding's leadership, to do e-mail, then see the online games market, will enter the online games, and is committed to independent research and development, and then start into the portal a success. Tencent in Mr. Ma's leadership to rely on IM chat software, viscous, rapidly into the portal and game, relying on SP and other value-added services with great success.

From the above analysis point of view, an Internet company to be successful must have an excellent leader, and has a unique profit model. The rise of Web2.0 era youtuber, facebook, myspace also has two elements, so that they have been successful. Some may say, you ignore the capital, TOM is indeed a product of pure capital, is the money pile up Li Ka-shing's Internet company, not remarkable founder, there is no unique profit model (the original SP is a good profit model But the only way to make quick money, do not have the unique advantage, is the fruit of the Chinese operator policy), so the companies do not have a chance to see a time when diversification opportunities in the waiver does not know when to give up, because the Li Ka-shing only investors, not operator instead.

TOM Online as in the capital, but also defeated the capital. SP can now make quick money for TOM, Li Ka-shing started to shrink the front, got cold feet and fled, which is characteristic of capital investment, its main purpose is to make money, they do not exist on the corporate feeling, not necessarily a direct throw away money, when, because TOM just a tool, not personally raise their own "child." A great leader is not the soul of the business enterprise is not just rely on professional managers can not achieve great success, the Internet company seems to be an immutable rule. (Wang Lei Lei, and failed, it is not excellent excellent)

Internet companies must diversify localization

On the delisting and to forgo TOM, I have to talk about the Internet company's diversification.

We know that business in order not to put your eggs in one basket to the rapid development of enterprises, usually to diversify, diversify the way they use acquisitions to enter new areas. TOM has also started its diversification, acquisition EBAY into C2C, and skype VOIP calls out the merger. However, the two diversified business has never come a long way, why not?

C2C and the VOIP is a sunrise industry, the Internet, but TOM is no sign of improvement under the operation, which is a wide range of failure, because no good Localization. This leads to a competitive process, can not quickly get users to take away most of Taobao's share. In the process, TOM's capital advantage and did not play a role, because TOM is not the same as the outstanding leader Ma, no one can fully understand the habits of Chinese Internet users manager, failed to develop effective strategies for the Chinese market. Look at Google in China, although Google has a huge financial backing of Google and technical strength, but always under Baidu. Cause or localization is not in place, but Google is under the leadership of Kai-fu Lee's localization strategy in the implementation step by step, and get good results, which were outstanding leaders of Kai-fu Lee the credit.

In more and more Internet companies to move closer to the traditional corporate mode of operation when the company's brand building, corporate strategic positioning, corporate marketing communications become more important. When competitors are busy building the brand, busy time of marketing, TOM is still a hotbed in capital mediocrity. In the absence of outstanding leaders, TOM can not successfully diversified, TOM losses are inevitable.

TOM Online should get married individuals

Although TOM Online news portal to give up, leaving only the sports, entertainment, automotive, and several other channels, other channels will be abandoned. But I believe that TOM Online is still no hope of success in the future worrying.

After all, sports, entertainment, automotive vertical site by doing, and the advantage of other portal stronger than TOM, so the number of channels is not TOM's advantage. TOM Online is the right decision to give up the portal, but we do not see their future. Because TOM Online has lost access to the brand's best period, when the users surfing habits when no longer look to TOM Online, TOM Online will be the trend of decline as one thousand feet of the waterfall as leakage can not reverse.

I personally think, TOM Online's way of merger should be taken, and Hurray, like looking for a partner with vision, his married. TOM, after all, after years of development, but also left some integration of resources. Otherwise, after downsizing TOM Online, still faces a huge profit. Because we decline from TOM Online in addition to the SP who has not see the profit point.

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