Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Women want to become famous, you have to install rogue?

A woman (which should include not only women, but women are more sensitive and vulnerable to attack objects), to become famous before she could not find beyond the export, but also eagerly looking forward to become the focus of all the spectators, the best fame, can be done?

Get a reverie on the Internet the names of people to touching, ambiguous as the keynote, some of the best Gaode savage (now popular with masochistic abuse), some nonsensical, short for the eye-catching, multi-level multi-nausea is not no important; Then, in the famous Forum (Popularity must be busy, regulars must be complicated, especially for boring people, voyeur, preferences, most of whom follow the trend of age and must not have the required quality, while maintaining the attitude towards the two Huitie principles, or else become a character can not see installed, or else everything possible to throw a bunch of flirtatious tender.

Of course, your article title must be sufficiently "shock the world" not to be stunning not give up. Women naturally have an advantage, such as loading lady (this can be abandoned, it is difficult to produce in the short term effect), loaded paragons (see who is scolded, scolded like a man now, but pay attention to degree of confidence), loaded Yu F (depressed is to arouse sympathy for an aphrodisiac), loaded talented woman (with some difficulty, easy to be told what plagiarism), loaded immature girl (a high tone on the words to be sought for imitation of practice, or will be seen through is injured).

The third option, it is the most direct, most succinct, most efficient and most suitable for modern mentality, and that is installed rogue. In shaping the "rogue" image of the process, delivered eye-catching title must be fatal, if not yet issued a minute first response people, it Jiantao your low-level index. Topic can be as follows: 4-year-old colored man started raping women, women's satyr constitution of the association, one-night stand is not entirely manual, seduce a man vomiting blood ten rules, and so on, Zhi Jiaoren vomiting for the purpose. Stephen said, and shook and shook, get used to. Sure enough, the spectators have to accept 鍚愬畬 one by one, and finally been little appreciated by the men they hoped to accomplish a "controversial" women. During this period, natural mixed up a Lian Shu, get on the sofa, is known as the "famous."

But after all, only in a network community, then known, also is not enough to affect the surface. How do? Either substance from the non-rogue. If you really ready to risk everything, then it was in the public good before Streaking (endurance, who would not imitate the non-general). If you dare to upload their nude photos Who can open the page, no matter who you are, what age, what looks are definitely high-profile, and has since hits crazy high, a message overflowing, and even trigger war of words, even rapid spread of both your own unexpected (in fact, should have expected, just not prepared to put in place)!

This is most definitely a woman overnight --- the path easy and quick, obviously. If you travel for tourism site as "rogue", remove the heart of the piece of moral bottom line, rapid fame simply for granted, not all tasks are more demanding, but also save time (only takes a few seconds to undress). Let it be notorious or sweet-smelling name, a word that was famous. Finally someone who see their own personal blog on the lackluster writing, and really break through 100 daily message volume has. Finally become the focus, not that you think so?

Next is how to deal with negative implications. Really, to improve "visibility" to make some irrational things, can understand. Fame of this great temptation to put in front of who will be narcissistic about it, let alone think of crazy women want to be famous? Need to free a piece of advice (be advised), has become famous in your naked after the 10 million to keep a low profile, be sure to play the fool, do not reveal your true thoughts, do not overestimate the intelligence of those who watch the fun. The most stupid way, in others scolded also righteous, and claims Unyielding, and even absurd to defend women's rights to itself (purely superfluous, Cidewuyin!) Jieduan do to ourselves, the more we want to cover, the more is revealed. Because whether you believe do not believe, I have mixed debate Ye Hao, crazy name calling Ye Hao, reason is merely another step in his tail.

Sound: From Muzi Mei, rogue Yan to Sister Furong, the network created a hubbub, and always dare these women out of a stroke. To see them, ask ourselves whether we the what kind of name?


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